Future Project | zukünftiges Projekt

int_22_07The work we’re doing now (patching and sanding, and patching and sanding again) is less obviously seen in photos, however, today we also pried up the rest of a broken tile on the raised area in the back of the store and found out that underneath the poorly laid tile is a stone floor that continues from the beautiful old wall-footings (seen here). The edge is finished with a nice wooden step. Maybe rehabbing the floor will be a project for some weekend after the main renovation is over.

Auf Schatzsuche: Erst glaubten wir einen alten Holzboden unter den Fliesen zu entdecken. Dem war leider nicht so. Dennoch versanken wir in Gedanken, über die Möglichkeiten was wir alles tun könnten…

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