A Tale of Two Oranges

So, I had found an orange color at the home improvement store that was pretty close to what I wanted, but not quite dark enough. That’s what I did the test with. I really wanted to buy good paint from a specialty store, though, because the paint at DIYs in Germany is really not fun to work with and needs a lot of coats to cover properly.
So I went to the specialty store super early to order the paint so that it would get delivered today. Theoretically, they could even mix the exact Pantone color that I wanted – the formulas for all the Pantone colors were programmed into their computer…

int_28_07_1On the left is the paint from yesterday and on the right is the good paint from the store today.
Not only is it not darker, it’s actually lighter. So I went back with my 12.5 liter bucket to have them add more something (it ended up being brown). And it seemed to match the sample better, but after doing a test wall, I am not so sure. We can only hope that overnight as it gets really try that it starts to get darker yet. However, I can attest that the quality of the paint is miles better, covering pretty evenly with just one coat.

int_28_07_3 int_28_07_2







On the positive side, the new color I chose for the top section looks pretty good and seems to match whichever orange we end up with.

Wichtig noch hinzuzufügen:

Endlich; der angefallenden Bauschutt wurde heute entsorgt. Es war schwierig eine Annahmestelle für den Regips zu finden. Aber am Ende des Tages war er weg! Zwar war es eine kleine Weltreise durch Leipzig, aber er konnte preiswert entsorgt werden und wir hatten wieder Platz. Danke an den Helfer!

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